Cameras And MP3 Players Top Targets For Thieves

It's no shock, but it's a reminder to be careful: according to the insurance arm of RACV, digital cameras, MP3 players and notebook PCs topped the list for items stolen in Victoria last year.

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As well as being easily converted into cash, such devices have the advantage of being relatively portable, as the RACV's insurance manager Paul Northey pointed out:

These items are easy to pick up, and can even be put into a backpack, allowing a thief to make a quick getaway.

With that said, though, televisions (hardly a compact item these days) are also regularly stolen.

As well as taking proper household security measures (decent locks, alarms, not leaving items out in the open, and an insurance policy), you can ensure confidential data isn't lost on your PC by following travel safety guidelines, making sure you backup regularly to an external source and encrypting your data.



    I live in an apartment block with a security carpark. A few weeks ago, a thief sneaked in and stole GPS navigation systems and stereos by smashing his way into about 20 cars. (We were spared - he probably took one look at our car and realised it wasn't even worth peering into.)

    Surveillance cameras showed that he got in by following a car - on foot - that was returning home. Now all residents are required to wait for the roller doors to close behind them before proceeding to their allocated parking spots or driving away, depending on whether you're going in or out.

    All things being equal, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up paying the same car insurance premiums as someone who parks on the street.

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