Build A Pizza Oven Out Of A Weber Grill

Build A Pizza Oven Out Of A Weber Grill

We’ve covered building your own backyard wood-fired pizza oven before, but it wasn’t crowned Best Pizza Food Cart by vlog Ah Nom Nom; that title belongs to San Franciscan PizzaHacker and his modified Weber Grill.

Sure, PizzaHacker’s pizza is delicious because it uses choice ingredients and a sourdough recipe to die for — but the other half of the equation is FrankenWeber, his modified Weber-grill-turned-mobile-pizza-oven. If you’re looking for an easy, movable outdoor solution to your DIY pizza needs, this might be the way to go:

Part of what makes this open air culinary spectacle work is the heavily modded Webber 22.5″ grill that’s been outfitted with fireproof blocks and a domed top comprised of refactory cement and perlite that’s been molded in the original Webber top. Using chunks of wood and charcoal, the Franken-Webber quickly reaches 1000F (the ideal temperature for cooking authentic Neopolitan-style pizza).

For a closer look at the FrankenWeber and its inner workings, check out the above video on Pizzahacker by Ah Nom Nom. There’s no specific how-to for building it, but it shouldn’t be difficult with the above materials and the close-up view in the video. If you’ve been hankering for some DIY pizza action but our past options just haven’t done it for you, this might just be the solution.

PizzaHacker [via Make]


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