Build A DIY Schaschlik Knife Block On The Cheap

Build A DIY Schaschlik Knife Block On The Cheap

You could shell out over $100 for a very clever Schaschlik knife block, or you could roll up your DIY sleeves and make your own version for fraction of that, like blogger Chris Diclerico.

Photo by cdiclerico.

All it took was 1m-long pine shelves from the local hardware store, several bags of bamboo skewers from a discount shop, and some elbow grease. The end result is a knife block that you can stick any knife into, very similar to the extremely expensive commercial version.

If this DIY seems familiar, we mentioned it briefly in our top 10 DIY projects for an extra day off — but it seemed worth a second standalone mention. Anyone try it since we mentioned it last? Let’s hear it in the comments.

knife block copy [Chris Diclerico via DIY Life]


  • Good idea for cheaper knives but I wouldn’t use my pro set in this as each time you place a knife in you’d run your edge along bamboo and dull your edges. Proper blocks are designed so as the blade doesn’t come in contact with the block. Nice idea though.

    • Looks very similar to me. I can’t see how the bamboo skewers in the ‘original’ have been made so they don’t touch the knife edges.
      I think I’ll make one of these to replace the two knife blocks I have – each with a blade or two missing – and store the same knives in about half the space.

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