Browse Flickr Photos Full Screen Sans Add-Ons

You'll find no shortage of browser add-ons for the popular photo-sharing service Flickr, many of them focused on making the site more immersive. You can browse images in full screen with a simple hack however, no add-on necessary.

Matt Haughey was never really happy with the interface at Flickr, as it always seemed like he could never get the images as big as he wanted without excess fiddling and fighting with the interface. He increased the default image size but that wasn't enough. His solution relies on a clever mouse-less version of the slideshow:

1. From whatever page you access contact photos, a user's photostream, and/or a photoset, click on the slideshow link

2. As soon as the slideshow loads, hit the pause button on the lower left

3. Use your keyboard's left/right keys to navigate through the set of photos at full screen. If your mouse pointer isn't in the very top or very bottom of the browser, all slideshow chrome will fade in a couple seconds leaving you with giant photos on a clean crisp full browser display

We tested it out — see the screenshot above — and it is a quick and painless way to enjoy completely full-screen images sans any visual clutter or downloading add-ons.

Have your own clever hacks for getting more out of services without resorting to using add-ons and Greasemonkey scripts as bandages? Let's hear about it in the comments.

How to Enjoy Bigger Photos on Flickr [AWholeLottaNothing]


    An easier and better way to achieve similar results is to use the site

    It works across the line using the same html structure, so most of the time all you have to do is just change flickr to fluidr in the url.

    For example


    On top of all this its actually a near-fully functioning flickr skin that works and looks far better. I suggest you share it with everyone, it's been in the flickr App Garden for a while

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