Beanhunter iPhone App Tracks Down Good Coffee

Back in August, we told you about the Beanhunter site for tracking down independent cafes around the world. Now you can perform the same caffeine hunt from an iPhone.

The main advantage of using the app rather than the site is the ability to easily locate a cafe nearby. If your favourite local barista doesn't rate a listing, you can also add reviews and photos directly from within the app. Beanhunter is a free app for iPhone and iPod touch users. If you give it a try, tell us how it tickles your palate in the comments.

Beanhunter [iTunes link]


    If you're in Melbourne, the Melbourne Coffee Review iPhone app is also excellent:

      Best Aussie Coffee has a mobile site too, it allows you to find the coffee shops near you rated highest by other users.

    pretty good and fast. needs more cafes.
    some of the reviews know what they're talking about, some dont

    Surprisingly, I have just now started drinking coffee at age 32, and I am an absolute fiend for it! I guess I am making up for lost time, but these are the exactly the type of iPhone Apps I am looking for. I will be grabbing this for sure - thanks for the heads up!

    Thanks for this! Great app!

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