Avoiding Weight Gain In 140 Characters Or Less

There's not too much rocket science involved in losing weight, but conveying that information concisely can be a challenge. Fitness trainer Rehan Jalali offers up a summary of how to stay lean that fits within the 140-character limit of a Twitter post.

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Jalali's advice?

4 habits of highly lean ppl: Cardio 1st thing in the morn, no carbs at night, eat small frequent meals, and drink green or oolong tea daily

All reasonable stuff, though Lifehacker has no plans to give up pasta during evening meals any time soon. Twitter itself can also be a useful weight-loss tool.

Rehan Jalali


    Here's the big "secret" in under 30 characters: "burn more energy than you eat"

      Whilst that is the fundamental concept to weight loss in terms of physics, there are efficient and inefficient ways of doing so. The body isnt a simple heat engine. If you do low level exercise you burn energy differently than if you do high level exercise. If you exercise right after a meal you take energy away from the digestive process and get a cramp. If you eat a higher protein meal right after exercise, a higher proportion will go towards replenishing muscles than if you eat the meal on its own. Hence you can work your butt off and hardly get anywhere or you can impliment a smarter system, like the one suggested above, and work it off with minimal time and effort.

    I think we live in an age where if you really wanted to lose weight, all information is their available to you with relatively safe sources.

    I hear all the time, I didn't know that was bad for you ect, or people coming to me for advise about such a thing as "healthy diets" (I work in remote locality health care) where all they want is simple stuff. (They then do it for 3 days and says its too hard) I have given up on community education on things you can readily find on the internet and now now focus on (in my opinion more important matters)

    Here's my advice. Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke and don't eat chips(once a week only). If you can do that for 2 weeks then come back, you've shown your commitment,and I will let you know everything.

    Don't beat yourself into being thin - your body needs to want to be thin. The mind is in charge of how much fat it stores and how much it burns. The concepts of John Gabriel, Brad Pilon and Kathleen De Maisons all touch on how to re-educate your body and mind.
    John Gabriel's concept of the 'Fat Switch'
    Brad Pilon's fasting program puts you back in control of your core - ie stomach, you don't have to eat every 2 hours!
    Kathleen De Maisons book on the effects of common foods on the human body is an eye opener.
    There is no Silver Bullet - everyone's journey is different and they will have different teachers along the way - it's just about finding the resources that work for you. These worked for me.

    exercising first thing in the morning leaves the risk of suffering all day if you overwork something by accident or dont stretch properly. Exercising before a higher protein dinner allows for good replenishment of energy and if an ankle aches a little, you dont have to walk around on it for 10 hours. Added bonus is that you can work out in the cool of the evening rather than morning sunlight. Have never seen any non-anecdotal evidence that green tea has any effect on metabolism or weight loss in itself, though I'd welcome some. I've replace the statement with

    "Cardio once per day, low(!) carbs at night, eat small frequent meals, and have unflavoured oats for breakfast"


    I'd add something about fresh fruit and veg and low to no processed foods.

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