Avast Free Antivirus 5.0 Adds Behaviour Monitor, Heuristics Engine

Windows only: The newest version of the popular Avast Antivirus is finally available for download. It's lighter, faster and more feature-filled than ever, bringing a new behaviour shield, heuristics engine and code emulator to keep you protected at all times.

Apart from its far easier-to-navigate interface, Avast has a few new features that make it hard to turn down. Its new code emulator can emulate a suspicious executable's code, isolated, for use in its new heuristics engine, designed to detect malware that would otherwise be undetectable with normal definitions — in other words, spotting malware by learning what the code does. If you use the pro version, you also get their new sandboxing feature for even further protection.

Apart from the new features, Avast has also lowered scanning times as well as the resources necessary to scan and update — a common issue with antivirus programs that are always running in the background. If you're already an Avast lover (and many of you are), you can either wait for the program to update itself in the near future or go download 5.0 straight from Avast. If you've tried Avast and turned it down before, it may be worth another look — you may find that its former cons (such as the difficult-to-use GUI and resource use) are now more up to your standards.

Avast Antivirus is a free download, Windows only.

Avast Antivirus [via Download Squad]


    This would explain why my parents computer is having a spit about Avast being out of date then..

    Any chance of a comparison of the new heuristics against other AV products?

    I remember back in the early 90's I had some virus scanner whose claim to fame was that it didn't need to be updated. It used to have a bunch of dummy exe's that it would let get infected and then examine them to work out how to remove the virus.

    I can't remember if it ever actually worked though :)

    What is Avast? Some kind of third-party security thing for Windows?

    I'm happy with MSE, thanks. Byebye Avast, AVG, and all the rest of you bozos. Create real software instead of living off viruses.

    I can't comment on the US site but thought I would post here to lessen the confusion about Avast's annoying sounds...

    A little tip, people: Windows allows you to customise your sounds.

    You don't have to turn off all of Avast's sounds. You can get rid of the update notice but keep the siren. Or you could have Homer Simpson say 'DOH!' when Avast finds a virus. It is up to you what sounds you want to hear.

    The muting sounds option has nothing to do with Windows. The settings are in the program itself. And Bennish, I am glad you are happy with MSE, but few others are. I think once you suffer a little bit of data loss at the hands of MS, you will quickly turn to third party antivirus, even if you are gnashing your teeth the whole time!

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