Auto Mute Saves You Embarrassment By Quieting Your Startup

Windows only: We won't judge you by your startup sound or music, but your co-workers might. Keep your startup silent and embarrassment-free with system tray utility Auto Mute, which runs in the background and mutes your sound on logoff, suspend and shutdown.

You sound will stay muted until you manually un-mute it, which can be done easily through a simple shortcut decided by you. This way, not only will your startup be quiet, but your entire session will be quiet unless you say otherwise — especially nice if you are working in public and don't want unintended noises exploding from your laptop.

What's even nicer about this program is that it's portable — no need to install, even though it can run at startup and in the background. Just extract it wherever you want and you're done. It's also fairly low on system resources, which is always something we like to see, especially if we're about to give it "launch on startup" privileges.

Auto Mute is a free download, Windows only.

Auto Mute [via FreewareGenius]


    uh... most useless application ever?
    mute button anyone?
    you can turn the start up and shutdown sounds off in the cp too...

      i agree completely. I have a software volume control, so i can't mute or turn it down when booting.. so yes.. disable the sounds in Control Panel if you don't have a way to mute it yourself..

    Yup... Useless, why mute when you can actually disable it completely.

    Next there'll be 'auto red reduction' utility - in case you have red on your desktop and are near bulls....and a rapid screen blink utility, to stop people with epilepsy from looking at your screen....

    Useless? No. It's great when you want to boot up silently (such as in lecture halls or, in my case, airport lounges) but you don't want to have to mute the sound before you shut down. This is a most useful application.

      when do you ever actually "want" to boot up loudly?

      Then why not, as mentioned above, remove the startup/logon sounds completely and leave the other sounds intact and unmuted?

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