Australia Seems Low On Apple’s iPad List

Australia Seems Low On Apple’s iPad List

Unsurprisingly given the focus on selling book content, there’s no Australian pricing or release date as yet for the just-launched iPad. Apple’s announcement only promises “international pricing and worldwide availability will be announced at a later date”.

Given that Apple flew a handful of Australian journalists to the US for the launch event, it seems likely that we’ll get the iPad eventually — and given Apple’s track record, it seems likely that it will cost rather more than than a straight conversion of the $US499 price tag. But since even American customers can’t buy it until March and the complexity of setting up content deals when Apple is involved, I wouldn’t be holding your breath.


  • They should be able to launch it here sans any new content deals; That would only mean eBooks are missing, but I see plenty of other uses for the device. It should start at $599 here, but as you say, they have a bad habit of gouging us downunder.

    • $599? You’re pretty hopeful. Current exchange rate + 10% GST puts it in the range of $610AUD. From that you’d expect them to market it at $649 or $699. But Apple Australia will more than likely try to gouge us though, $799 or possibly even $899.

  • Jobs said something about June for international information in the presentation.

    Optus offers 2GB for $25.

    Bigpond offers 400MB for $30, so they might introduce a 250MB for $15 just for the iPad, i highly doubt they’ll be offering an unlimited unless the apple deal-makers are geniuses.

  • Agreed. The AU Apple site doesn’t even mention the iPad (fail). They could have at least put up a “Coming Soon” site.

    I can imagine this costing far too much here in Australia. Consider this, the top version is priced at $829 USD, that means that we won’t see it here for less than $1,000. In fact I would hazard that Apple will settle for a nice $1,999 or $1,299 price.

    Then they have to get data plans of the Aussie teleco’s… considering we would never have “unlimited” data (what is that?) and we already have obscene data pricing, I’m not expecting this to be a cheap or even decently priced toy.

    • $1,999?!

      You’re kidding right, the iPad is unlocked by default, so you could easily import them from the states of europe, so apple couldn’t charge much more than aud/usd conversation plus maybe an extra $100 max. I predict the most expensive model which does for $US829 would be sold around $AU999-1099

      • Sorry but I disagree that we will get rough US dollar conversions. It certainly does not happen with the iPhone, so why would you expect it will happen with the iPad. Also, being that the device is unlocked, no carrier will be keen to offer subsidised pricing becuase you can buy the iPad then switch carriers without any effort at all.

        Just because you can import from overseas, I can guarantee 99.9% of people buying the iPad will not purchase overseas because of warranty issues and the usual risks for importing.

        Apple will be able to tell what country it was purchased form by the IMEI, so unless they promise global warranty repairs, it will be likely they will refuse to repair a faulty internationally purchased iPad in Australia.

        I anticipate $899 for the lower, non 3G model and then $1999 for the 64gb 3G model.

      • For much of 2009 we were hearing about the ipod index which put Australia as one of the cheapest places in the world to buy an ipod. I don’t think we will be gouged on price as much as we have in the past.

  • The official launch price of the 16GB iPhone in the US was $299. The price to buy one outright here in Australia was around $900. Based on this, I anticipate that Australian consumers will pay up to 3 times more than the US price.

    • Not quite correct Chris. The $299 US was a plan price. In Australia you can get it outright approx $900 (unlocked) or as low as $0 on a plan (depends on the plan of course). The US never had a $0 plan.

  • Well, Apple’s ‘conversion’ usually works out to be around 1.465x the price for iPhones and around 1.345 for iPod Touches and Macbooks. So you could safely say a guess would be times it by 1.4 and you have a close estimate.

  • I reckon that Apple are probably already underpricing this gadget, given the R&D costs and the new chipset – but that would make sense given that this is not being marketed as a computer per se, but as a media platform. Apple will make orders of magnitude more $$$ out of software and media than they will out of the iPad itself, and it will be an income stream that will keep on coming if the public takes to this device.

    However I’m guessing that as it’s not really a “phone” and it comes unlocked by default, you won’t see the same kind of $0 deals with telcos.

    One question: where’s the camera? Looks like I’ll be waiting for v2.0…

  • Simple way to find out.. The Time Capsule 2TB costs US$499 (Same as basic iPad) and sells for $649 here
    32gb wifi only iPad is US$599. Currently a basic mac mini is the same price, and it sells here for $849.
    Unless the Aussie dollar tanks between now and when it releases (remember when 17″ MBPs cost $5500????). I think the pricing will entirely depend on where apple wants to price this… but i wont be too far from where they currently price their products, they seem to like to have a small range of price points

    • Dan you are missing the point.

      You are looking calmly at the facts.

      That’s not what the game is here. It is wailing in a pathetic high-piched tone about how “weeezz been robbed” and throwing around $1,999 like it’s a rational likelihood. All with no facts to hand, just a sense of grievance and hysteria. Who says Hansonism is dead.

      I reckon (excluding exchange rate changes) that you are in the ball park for pricing. But we all know soon enough. Not yet sure I’ll be buying but probably will if the whole picture comes together in the way I hope it will. Time will tell.

  • While the iPad isn’t a phone per se, I believe local telcos may subsidise for the sake of data… 1 or 2 yr contracts. Hopefully this will also keep the data plan costs down.

    Having my iPhone 3G contract end in June, I’m prepared to dust off a sony ericsson from the shelf and get an iPad instead of a 3GS (or next model).

  • I don’t think Apple would be stupid enough to place the iPad at an AUD price that surpasses the cost of their cheapest macbook pro.
    Saying that, I reckon the 64GB 3G model may get pretty close or exactly the same.
    My estimate for a 16GB Base Model WiFi iPad would be somewhere between $649-849AUD. If it’s anything over that, I’ll be waiting until it gets a bit cheaper… If it ever does…

  • When the price of iPhone is actually dearer than that, most likely because of retailer, then I cannot see it being much cheaper than that…= get one from overseas yourself !!, sorry telstra but your nothing but a bunch of crooks !!

  • Ummm, newsflash…. It’s not Evan anywhere as capable as a MacBook pro different product altogether, it’s a bloody glorified ebook reader on steroids, yes I want on, no it will not run final cut and logic for me, well not untill there is another micro electronic revolution that leads to processors that apple got custom built to have much more grunt and yet be rather leen on power, however it will run some apps that will help with logic, eg. As a touch input device to send midi input back to logic, and I’m sure there is plenty of other thongs, a devices true potential is unlocked once it is hacked !!

  • I just moved to Australia from the states and I have to let you all know that you have the pricing issue all wrong with the iPhone. You guys/gals all seem to think that you paid so much for the iPhone here and it is so cheap in the states but that is not the case. The iPhone was $299USD in the states only with a two year contract paying about $100 a month for it. If you went and bought one without the contract they were $900USD. I went to an Optus store the other day here and they gave me an iPhone for free with a two year contract for less then $100 a month. The iPhone is cheaper here then it is in the states I have to inform you. Now I don’t understand why you guys are so far behnd with the cost of cell phone service here and way behind with data usage but that is a different story.

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