At Least 80% Of Corporate Computers Run Internet Explorer Daily

Ever wonder why Internet Explorer is still such a big deal among IT workers and developers, despite being the butt of almost every joke about the web?

The Devil Mountain Software group tells ComputerWorld that, among the more than 21,000 workplace PCs monitored by its software, Internet Explorer is used daily on 80 per cent of systems. That's because legacy - or "dinosaur" - applications that rely on Internet Explorer's components are very, very slow to be replaced in big institutions. Quoth the Devil Mountain CTO: "Until enterprises flush out the internal applications that rely on IE, that use unsupported and undocumented layout commands, IE isn't going anywhere. And those dinosaur applications are almost impossible to get rid of."

ComputerWorld via Ars Technica


    In Melbourne we are in the midst of a new public transport ticketing system: Myki. It has cost $1.35 billion, $350 million over budget and is three years late. It has been rolled out on trains only (so you need to use the old ticketing system for trams and buses) and to cap things off THEIR WEBSITE ONLY WORKS CORRECTLY IN INTERNET EXPLORER! Their customer service can't give you an up-to-date account balance, so customers are forced to use the website. It's a complete and utter mess, and I love your use of the term "dinosaur" - in this case we're talking about a website that was launched three weeks ago.

    The PC's in my office are centrally managed and locked down so we can't install stuff. For web browsing they only have IE6 installed. It's so old websites are starting to drop support for it!

    The browser and it's updates can be managed by the same systems that update the OS. It's not because of legacy applications.

    I work for a certain bank (think Banana-gate) who's website is only compatible with IE6. We do not offer support for IE7 or 8, even after the website was 'revitalised' last year. Disgusting.

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