Antifeatures Wiki Catalogues Tech Annoyances You Hate

Printers that won't use non-branded cartridges. DVD region coding. Software with arbitrary memory restrictions. PC companies that charge you not to include crapware on your system. Smart phones that restrict development. The world of technology is filled with examples of design aimed at making more money for companies rather than making life simpler for users.

MIT researcher Benjamin Mako Hill (who gave the keynote speech today at calls these "antifeatures", and argues that one of the most important advantages of free software is that it isn't burdened with them, or (at worst) can easily remove them.

He's launched a wiki to list examples of antifeatures, which is stimulating (if occasionally depressing) reading. Check it out, and share your own favourite examples of antifeatures in the comments.



    Windows in all versions and flavours that has no 'Cancel' option when you shutdown. (This has bugged me for years.)

    Windows 7's tendency for Explorer to crash is ridiculous and should have delayed launch date by itself. Every other feature is pretty good but that one is almost a dealbreaker.

      I've only had one problem with windows 7 so far, that for some reason double clicking a folder in explorer opened it up in a new window, i found a batch file online that through some re-registering of dlls fixed the problem.

      I haven't have 1 explorer crash, its most likely some crappy 3rd party program crashing explorer or you have crappy hardware.

      shutdown -a does it quickly, if you can get it in fast enough. My explorer never crashes, i suggest you have a problem with your hardware.

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