Add Chrome-Like Incognito Windows To Firefox

Firefox: Sick of having to start a completely new session (and get rid of your old one) just for private browsing? Firefox extension Private Browsing Window starts your private session in a new window without closing old ones, like Chrome's Incognito Window.

It's not quite as smooth as Chrome's Incognito Windows, but it works pretty well. Private Browsing Window essentially starts a new instance of Firefox alongiside your existing session, with a new profile in which Private Browsing is enabled. You don't have all your old bookmarks or preferences in your new private window, but you don't have to end your non-private session, which is certainly convenient. This feature replaces the old Private Browsing feature in the Tools menu and adds a small shortcut in the bottom right corner of your screen. Note that this add-on requires the latest and greatest Firefox 3.6 to run, so if you haven't updated, what are you waiting for?

Private Browsing Window is free and works wherever Firefox 3.6 does. Thanks, Jason!

Private Browsing Window [Mozilla Add-Ons]


    Another method you can try out is to use a portable version of firefox from just for private browsing running alongside your normal firefox.

    You can then have all your bookmarkets, browsing history, passwords etc available in a private browsing mode using the Mozilla Weave firefox addon to keep the browsers synced with each other.

    I've been using this method ever since the first version of weave came out and it works great!

    -Michael B

    But keep in mind that Weave refuses to sync while you're in private browsing mode.

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