A Primer On Tracking Your Life's Data

Web PR consultant Steve Rubel is kicking off 2010 with big ideas, and one of them is a resolution to track your life with data tools. From notebooks to Evernote, spreadsheets to Nike+, it's a good year for universal capture.

Image by Wired.com.

Steve's post handily runs through the benefits and best use cases for keeping seemingly overzealous notes on yourself, your habits, and most importantly, your progress toward your goals. He links out to a lot of sites worth checking out, as well as primers on tracking yourself like Wired's 10 Ways Geeks Measure the World.

What personal data are you committed to tracking in 2010? Are you going to capture as much as you can about your new child, or just make your weight a real number this year? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Three Ideas for 2010 Part III: Lifelogging and Self Tracking [The Steve Rubel Lifestream]


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