Zazz Offering $105 1TB Drive

AstoneDeal-of-the-day site Zazz doesn't normally promote its offers ahead of time, but it's made an exception this week by announcing it will have (amongst other things) a 1TB Astone ISO GEAR 481E drive on sale this Thursday.

The list price of $119.90, while reasonable, isn't that different to other offers out there, especially given the $14.95 shipping charge. However, if you pay via PayPal and score an additional $30 off, it comes in at $105, which is fairly reasonable. If lack of space has been your excuse for not backing up properly, it might be worth looking into.



    I can't find any mention of this offer on the Zazz site?
    Does anyone know what brand of drives it uses?

    Harvey Norman Broadway had a lot of 1TB drives for $127.

    I'd actually like to see some decent prices for 1-2TB network-enabled drives (like Western Digital World Book Edition). Even with the high $AUD local prices typically add over $200 per TB for network enabling.

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