Woolworths Petrol Site Helps You Find Petrol Stations

On the road, running low on petrol, and want to take advantage of those Everyday Rewards discounts you've stored up? The Woolworths Petrol site lets you find the nearest Caltex/Woolworths branch.

The search is pretty much what you'd expect: enter an address or postcode and the nearest options show up on a map. Woolworths claims the site is mobile-friendly, offering a small-screen friendly rendering on portable devices. With that said, it failed to work properly on my BlackBerry, which isn't exactly an uncommon choice. If you're looking for the cheapest fuel rather than a particular brand, check out Google's Petrol Price Tracker.

Woolworths Petrol


    Failed on my BlackBerry also. Instant disappointment. Do they not test these apps?

      Actually, it seems to work just fine now..weird

        Why not try it for yourself: http://www.woolworthspetrol.com on the iPhone. Worked first go for me.

        Sorry: http://www.woolworthpetrol.com.au

    Ummm, this is news? Doesn't just about every major store with a website include a 'find your nearest store' button? What about listing their major competitor's site as well, in the interests of unbiased reporting?

      The noteworthy point was the mobile friendliness, which is rather less common -- albeit somewhat incomplete at this point.

        So you report on a website which claims to be mobile friendly, but in fact isn't? Did you try coles' website on a blackberry to compare?

        Still doesn't seem to quite cut it as either news or unbiased to me...

    Everyone does this don't they ?


    What I really want these companies to do is create and maintain a downloadable POI file that I can add to my GPS with ALL their locations. All they need to do is one for TomTom / Navman / Garmin and that's 95% of GPS users.

      No, what we really need is for these companies to release the raw data with a CC-BY license, so it can be imported into the OpenStreetMap database - http://www.openstreetmap.org/ (and, in turn, be used for any multitude of things, including conversion to TomTom/Navman/Garmin POI files, etc.)

      Indeed, Coles Express' website has a POI file for your GPS.

    Worked on my iPhone straight away

    I can verify this site does work on the latest version of the blakberry os and on nokia s60.

      On reflection i think that free turn by turn navigation in Google maps will give rise to more of these applications in the future.

      A central repository of openly available information would be useful for developers wanting to create mash up applications that utilize these data sets.

      Having said that, companies may understandably wish to retain control of access to their data.

    I don't understand this article this website is clearly designed for the iPhone, and besides don't iPhones dominate mobile browsing?

      Woolworths promoted it as a general mobile site, not an iPhone-specific one.

    failed on my LG, really miffed because I can't get hold of the nearest store, they don't show up in a google maps places search. :( seriously annoying ww!

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