Windows® phone Lets You Talk However You Want

A slew of phones powered by Windows® phone 6.5 were released recently. And the new operating system is all about letting you communicate whichever way you want.

Windows® phone lets you see all your Windows™ Live contacts on your Windows® phone and with one click, make a phone call, Instant Message or SMS any one of them. Setting up emails is a relatively painless affair- meaning you can check any one of your email accounts on the go. And with automatic Hotmail updates, there’s no need to keep signing in and hitting refresh.

The same goes for Instant Messaging. With Windows Live™ Messenger you can instant message from your phone to a PC and back again—or even to a friend with Xbox LIVE®.

Finally, it’s simple to send the photos you take on your phone with email or text messages—or you can use the Microsoft® My Phone service to move them to any internet-connected computer.

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