Whereis The Traffic Jam?

Traffic congestion can fuel aggression and frustration on the roads. With the population of our major cities growing each year, traffic jams have become an everyday frustration of commuter life. Traffic incidents, such as crashes, on already stressed road networks boost driver frustration and aggression however in good news technology is increasingly assisting drivers avoid major traffic congestion as it happens.

Whereis® mapping technology offers drivers the ultimate solution through the use of map coding. These codes allow compatible portable navigation devices to access ‘travel time’ traffic services and traffic incident information in order to re-route a driver around road accidents.

A special receiver will need to be purchased in conjunction with the portable navigation device in order for the technology to work- a small outlay for increased convenience. Make sure you check to see what features are available on your preferred device.

Footnote: Garmin, TomTom and Uniden all feature Whereis® maps. Make sure you keep an eye out for their devices


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