Whereis The Speed Camera?

Speed is one of the most common causes of road accidents and yet most of us admit to nudging the limit at times.

Whereis® maps have been designed to help driver’s limit inadvertent speeding where possible in order to help ensure optimum safety on the roads. With more than 175,000 kilometres of speed limits incorporated into the mapping database, speed limit information is constantly evident on a driver’s portable navigation device keeping the driver up to date on local speed zones and changes in limits.

Another available feature is a warning alert that sounds to notify the driver they have exceeded the speed. This notification allows the driver to immediately adjust their speed.

Whereis® maps also offer more than 1,000 red-light and fixed speed camera alerts, which further alerts the driver and assists in avoiding costly fines.

Footnote: Garmin, TomTom and Uniden all feature Whereis® maps. Make sure you keep an eye out for their devices.


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