Whereis The Railway Crossing?

A train travelling at 100 kilometres per hour takes at least one kilometre to stop, it’s not hard to understand why accidents at railway crossings can be fatal.

Road safety authorities are constantly urging motorists to take extra caution when approaching a railway crossing. Signage at railway crossings often differs depending on the location of the tracks either across country roads, suburban streets or private land.

Whereis® maps cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres of Australia’s roads including those in rural and outback areas. Using custom designed high-tech data capture vehicles, the specialist navigational teams have accurately mapped tens of thousands of railway crossings around the country.

As a result, Whereis® now features alerts for more than 11,000 railway crossings, with drivers receiving audio and visual cues as they approach.

Extreme caution and care must always be taken when approaching a railway crossing, use your portable navigation device to assist you while on the road – particularly in rural regions.


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