Whereis The Next Freeway Intersection?

Australia’s road systems are becoming more and more complex, with spaghetti junctions, fly-overs and tunnels increasingly being built to accommodate our sprawling cities.

Whereis® maps offer more than 23,000 kilometres of lane guidance information providing drivers advanced notice of required lane changes and road way exit ramps.

Real View provides even further mapping information to drivers via a visual snap-shot of an upcoming freeway junction so that lane changes and exits can be accurately anticipated in advance.

Images of major signs that appear alongside the road have also been added to Whereis® maps to provide you with more situational awareness. More than 20,000 sign posts have been added to the Whereis® database to date, with more to come.

Footnote: Garmin, TomTom and Uniden all feature Whereis® maps. Make sure you keep an eye out for their devices.


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