Whereis That New Suburb?

With new roads and freeways constantly being built across major Australian cities, Whereis® map products are regularly updated with the new roads in new suburbs and land developments.

Because the team at Whereis® builds its maps from the ground up, new developments and their roads can be mapped and released to market quickly.

As a subsidiary of Telstra, Whereis® has access to land title information which is then married up to addresses in order to map out the orientation of new housing developments.

This technology also enables the correct location and positioning of the road casement allowing for high quality navigation.

So if you’re planning to visit your friend out bush, or want to check out a new house in a new suburb, you’ll be able to get there more easily with a Whereis® map on board.

Footnote: Garmin, TomTom and Uniden all feature Whereis® maps. Make sure you keep an eye out for their devices.


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