What Should I Read Next? Picks Your Next Book

WhatShouldIReadNextOdds are good at this end of the year that you'll get more reading done than usual. But when you've devoured that long-awaited tome, what should be next on your list? That's the issue What Should I Read Next? aims to address.

The concept is quite similar to BookSeer, which we featured here back in June. However, where Book Seer derives its recommendations from Amazon's and LibraryThing's recommendation engines (which tend to give you more books by the same author), What Should I Read Next? offers a more eclectic selection.

There's certainly a bit of static — FileMaker Pro 7 Bible is not much of a response to having recently read the memoirs of Alan Bennett — but it's definitely more stimulating than the "read more by the same person" approach. You can optionally register with the site to build your own reading list and improve its recommendations.

What Should I Read Next? [via Gail On Tech]


    Perhaps it thinks the "Memoirs of Alan Bennett" are pretty boring.. Therefore "The Filemaker 7 Bible" will be riveting by comparison.

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