What Digital Copy On Blu-ray Really Means

If you've got a few Blu-rays on your Christmas shopping list, then a sticker promising a "digital copy" feature for your iPod or PC seems like a nice added bonus. But the reality is that just what kind of copies you can make depends entirely on the studio.

Over at Gizmodo, Nick's got a handy roundup of what digital copy policies apply to the studios currently offering discs in Australia. The policies run the gamut from "so not happening" (Universal) to "happening, but not on titles you want" (Disney) and several shades in between. Mac users don't come out of it too well, as a rule. Hit the post for the full details, and share your best Blu-ray-to-iPod strategies in the comments.

Cutting Through The Blu-ray Digital Copy Confusion [Gizmodo]


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