VLC Gets Dressed Up For Christmas

If you're a fan of VLC — the open-source and awesome media player that had made appearances in our Hive Fives for best portable applications and best desktop media players — you may have noticed a little change in your VLC icon this week.

Hidden in the VLC code is an Easter egg — as of Christmas last year — where the little orange VLC construction cone wears a Santa hat for the week of Christmas.

Love a fun software Easter egg? Make sure to check out our list of top 10 software Easter eggs, and visit previously reviewed Easter Egg Archive to find Easter eggs in everything from software to DVDs and video games. Have a favourite? Let's hear about it in the comments.


    Well now I'm sad - that hasn't happened to me this week. :(


    Matt, perhaps update to the latest version, and make sure your clock/calenders are spot on :)

      Hi Mario,

      Downloaded it yesterday, checked for updates this morning. I'm pretty close to the latest version, I reckon. :)

      And I just found what the go is! When I have the superbar set to "Always Combine" it doesn't show (though it does in the system tray) - when I set it to show labels, icon changes ok. :)

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