Use Tea To Infuse Your Hot Chocolate With Flavour

If you want to flavour your next cup of hot chocolate without pre-made mixes, throw in a teabag or two and infuse it with flavour.

Photo by Just SallyRye.

Over at cooking and dining blog TheKitchn, they've been experimenting with flavoured tea to add a twist to hot chocolate — similar to our experiment on doing the same thing with coffee.

We actually got this idea last spring from the menu at Tealuxe in Boston, Massachusetts, and have been waiting all summer until the weather turned cold enough to try it ourselves! Being a tea store, they were using blends of teas instead of extracts or syrups to add an extra boost of flavour to cups of hot chocolate. The tea adds a subtle undertone of flavour without becoming bitter or overwhelming the drink.

What kind of tea? They tried obvious choices like peppermint herbal tea and vanilla herbal tea, but also found that less obvious choices like Earl Grey were just as interesting and delicious. If you try it out, you'll definitely have to report back with your favourite tea/hot chocolate combinations. Let us know in the comments.

Definitely Try This! Tea-Infused Hot Chocolate


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