Two IKEA Pet Projects For The Weekend

IKEARoomyCatLitterWant to give your dog somewhere to sleep or your cat somewhere to defecate? Perennial Lifehacker favourite IKEA Hacker has a pair of projects designed to make life more comfortable for your cherished pet.

We've featured quite a few IKEA-based litter tray hiding solutions, but the one which Karla has built from the $490 Varde sink cabinet is particularly elaborate, with a separate entry area and "business end". The project requires quite a bit of drilling and messing around, though if you purchased a cat flap rather than building one from scratch as Karla did the work would be a bit simpler.

IKEADogBedOn the other hand, the dog bed hack proposed by Molly is simplicity itself: stuffing a Ektorp sofa cover (or indeed any suitably sofa or cushion cover) with old clothes to make a bed that's got a comforting "owner smell".

Big roomy cat litter / Old Ektorp cushion slipcover to a dog bed [IKEA Hacker]


    Here's an extension to the dog cushion idea if you already have the cushion/cover and are trying to get your pet to love it.

    Take the cover off and slip it between your sheets while you're not in the bed. Do this for a couple of days and it'll start to pick up your smells.

    Pick the days right before sheet washing, and it'll have maximum effect.

    You'll probably want to make sure the cover is clean first so that it doesn't work the other way around, stinking up your bed!

    Thanks for the great tip! I'm actually planning on visiting Ikea this weekend. Definitely going to get one for my dog.

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