TiVo Genie Lets You Schedule Recordings Remotely

TivoGenie TiVo Genie fixes one of the more obvious omissions in the popular PVR device, letting you remotely schedule recordings on your TiVo from a PC or mobile phone.

After logging in via the TiVo website or mobile portal, you can schedule either individual recordings or "Season Pass" options for entire series. While options like TiVo's recently announced Caspa make it easier to catch up with shows you've missed, being able to schedule something after realising there's a potentially great program on is a very useful addition. If you give it a try, tell us how it goes in the comments.


    um ... good to see this TiVo Genie, but remotely recording on you TiVo has been supported for ages via Yahoo's TV guide, if you link your Tivo account with your Yahoo account:


    Simon, you are correct, but the new TiVo Genie service is light years ahead of the service provided by Yahoo, and importantly - it works fantastically on smart phones.

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