Thunderbird 3 Officially Released With New Features, Improved Look

Thunderbird 3 Officially Released With New Features, Improved Look

Windows/Mac/Linux: A whopping two years after its second major release, Mozilla’s popular desktop email client Thunderbird is now available as the new and improved Thunderbird 3.0, and there’s a lot to love in the new Thunderbird.

Thunderbird 3.0 comes packed with fantastic new features, including a new tabbed interface à la Firefox and other web browsers, a beautiful and powerful new search and filtering tool that lets you pinpoint any email, and a totally streamlined email setup tool that’ll get your Gmail or other accounts up and running with Thunderbird in a jiffy.

After firing it up for the first time and adding my Gmail account, the new Thunderbird feels extremely fast, but the improved search really is the feature most likely to wow. It’s also very fast, and it lets you filter by messages to you, from you, starred messages (if you’re a Gmail user), and attachments. It even quickly identifies people who participated in messages matching your search terms and quickly lists them in the People section of the filter sidebar to help you narrow it down even more quickly.

Even if you don’t plan on using Thunderbird as your main email client, it’s an excellent tool for for simply backing up your email—or even for accessing Gmail when it’s down. Thunderbird 3.0 is a free download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you’re a Thunderbird die-hard, let’s hear how you like the latest release in the comments. (You can find the full release notes here.)

Thunderbird 3 [Mozilla]


  • I’ve been using the RCs for months and just ran a new install…
    I thought it looked a bit different!
    I love the new Smart Folders arrangement.
    The search is awesome and the speed is fine.
    Add the Lightning Calendar extension and Google Provider for Calendar (I wonder if they’ve been updated already, use a nightly build if not) and you have a fully fledged PIM for free.

  • the new time line search is killer. does anybody know if they have made a portable app version of it yet? and have they made it easier to work with hotmail? yes i dont use gmail.

  • I just updated to Thunderbird 3, 5 minutes later, I re-installed Thunderbird 2.

    The reasons were:
    1. I didnt really like it – the theme that I have is not compatible

    2. The Calendar add-on Lightning does not work with it yet. This was the main reason as I really need Lightning.

    I didnt really like the smart folders. The Inbox section was good, but when you have 5 or so email accounts that are completely different and are not related at all, it is really pointless. Also with having sub folders, it just makes to much mouse moving from the very top, the the sub folder at the very bottom.

    So back to Thunderbird 2 for me. When I reinstalled it, Smart Folders still appeared, which made a scroll bar on my screen so I tried to get rid of it.

    For your reference, open up prefs.js in “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\profile.default
    Search for smart, find the word type in the section and change it to pop3. Then you can delete the account normally.

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