The Photo-Mosaic Workspace

Personalisation is really what makes a workspace stand out. Today's workspace features a boldly coloured wall and a sweeping photo-mosaic to lend a huge amount of personality to what would otherwise be a bare white wall.

Lifehacker reader Ben Hayman opted to add some character to the wall behind his workstation by not only painting it a vibrant red but also collecting favourite images from deviantART and using them to create a photo-mosiac. Each image is 19x9cm, spaced 1cm apart, and affixed to the wall with Blutack wall adhesive.

All of the cabling for his already minimal setup is even further hidden by a series of cup hooks and brackets under the desk, holding all the cables up and out of sight.

The Photo-Mosaic Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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