The Organised Designer's Office

Many of our featured workspaces focus on hiding stuff away. Today's featured workspace doesn't hide much, but it does have storage space for everything the owner needs.

Lifehacker reader Dellaccount13 is a graphic designer who works out of an 3m x 4m office. The office is lined floor to ceiling with shelving, has dual workstations, and a huge light table in the centre. Dellaccount13 writes:

This is my home office. It is an 11' x 13' bedroom. Yes, I still use CRTs. I won't replace them with flat screens until they fail. I have a setup for a PC and one for a Mac. The table is a 4' x 5' light table that I bought used about 10 years ago. I work on both sides of the table and just move the chair, although I am thinking about buying a duplicate chair.

The Organized Designer's Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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