The Enormous Whiteboard Workspace

If you need a big white board to hold your big ideas, you'll definitely want to take a peek at today's featured workspace for some whiteboard inspiration.

Lifehacker reader Tom Borowski likes having a spacious whiteboard to sketch out his ideas and jot down his lists. How spacious? Read on to hear about his office and DIY whiteboard:

I recently moved to a new place and this is the workplace I set up.

The main desk is in the shape of an L and is dominated by the two 30-inch TFTs which are connected to a Mac Pro that sits under the desk. There's also some audio recording equipment, like a mixer and a mic boom.

On the wall behind the desk is a giant 10x3ft DIY magnetic whiteboard which I use for sketching out ideas or brainstorming.

The whole work area is surrounded by Ikea Billy book shelves and a built-in bookshelf.

The second desk below the window is for paperwork as the main desk doesn't really have enough space left for that.

In the far left corner on the panoramic photo is a comfy Ekornes Stressless armchair for reading and the occasional afternoon nap.

Next to this "leisure corner" is a dining room table that used to live in the kitchen in my last appartment. Since my current kitchen has a built-in dining table, it now serves as an all-purpose office table.

Overall this office works for me because it's very spacious, has lots of storage for folders and books and has everything I need throughout a normal workday, be it working on the Mac, doing paperwork or reading.

For a closer look at this office you can check out a full panorama photo here.

The Enormous Whiteboard Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    I did the same thing, except with a smaller board. Couldn't believe how many people laughed at the time. Now not one of them disses the concept since it's so easy to jot ideas down in a hurry.

    There's something about writing on a whiteboard compared to paper... the ideas seem to flow easier. Like Tom's board above, I can only recommend large sized boards since I've been stuck with that's half the size.

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