The Efficient Bedroom Office

Small-space workspaces are a great source of inspiration. It's easy to make a workspace whatever you want when you've got all the space in the world but when you're cramped, every inch counts.

Lifehacker reader Tito shared with us an example of making the most out of a very tiny space. While he didn't give the dimensions of his room, based on the scale of objects in the photos, it's likely not much bigger than 3m x 3m. In that space he managed to squeeze in a work station that does double duty as an entertainment centre and has ample power outlets and storage.

He build the desk to fit into the space he had. The desk is a little over 1.8m wide with a 1.2m sideboard for additional surface area. The wall-mounted Samsung monitor serves as a monitor for his mac mini, an external monitor for his laptop when he needs it, and as a television screen for his XBox 360 and cable box.

If the enormous power strip under the desk caught your eye, Tito offers an explanation:

The power pole is homemade (my father and I did it, we tried to make something like this.), It's just a combination of a cable raceway with several power plugs inside, it took a few hours of work. Above this power pole, there is another raceway with only cables inside. That solution fits perfectly with my desk.

The Efficient Bedroom Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    What monitor is it? Like what model.

      Yeah, I'm interested to know too. From looks I would say it's a samsung monitor, my friend has one that looks like it. I think all their monitors have that same design.

    From the looks of it, i would say it's likely to be the Samsung Syncmaster 2433BW. Good 24" monitor.

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