Sync and Keep Track Of Your Mobile With My Phone on your Windows® Phone

Ah, mobile phones. We’ve lost a few. But thanks to the new Windows® phone operating system, that might not be as big a pain as it once was.

Using the My Phone service- available on Windows® phone 6.5 operated phones- you can use your PC to send a personalised message to your phone’s homescreen with instructions on how to get the phone back if you lose it. Sure, there’s a small fee but just think of the many new handsets you’ll be saved from having to fork out for.

The My Phone service automatically backs up contacts, calendars, photos, music, and text messages to a password-protected web account that you can access from any internet-connection. Which means all your important information won’t be stuck on your phone. Just plug your phone into your computer, and your content will be synchronised so it can be managed on either your PC or handset.

With Windows® phone (and Windows on your PC, of course), it’s easier to keep things in sync.

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