StylePix Image Editor Packs A Big Punch In A Little Package

Windows: Labour-intensive image editing jobs need heavy-hitting applications to get the job done. If you're just looking for a lightweight tool to slap on a netbook or thumb drive for quick photo editing, StylePix might be just what you need.

StylePix image editor has plenty of bells and whistles to help you easily manage and edit your photos, no matter what your level of experience. It supports all major image formats, including .png, .tif, .gif, .bmp and more. Zoom in and out, adjust colours and hues, batch process, and, transform your pictures in loads of different ways.

Use the included drawing tools to erase, spray, brush, and add shapes to your pictures, or use one of the image filters to morph, sharpen, or blur it. StylePix can lighten or darken your image, and even remove red-eye and dust.

StylePix is a terrific little app that offers a lot of editing options but doesn't take a degree in computer science to work with. Weighing in at only 20 MB, it's small footprint makes it an ideal portable tool to take with you on the go.

StylePix is a free app that works on Windows XP or higher. If you're looking for a similar tool, don't forget to check out one of our favourite Photoshop alternatives, Paint.NET.



    This one is a bit of a surprise.
    I've just spent 10 minutes with it. Appears to be an attempt to clone Photoshop from, maybe a couple of versions ago - or at least select some of the most obvious and used tools - and it does a really good job at it. Pretty good online help file,very effective layer based tools - a good clone stamp etc.
    I look at most of the image editors and usually uninstall almost instantly but this shows promise - I'm impressed

    At first it seemed even better than Paint.NET because it allows feathered selections, and PDN does not.

    But then it hung on me (Not Responding)...

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