Stop Google's Fade-In Homepage With A Script

Google's new fade-in homepage has garnered mixed reactions. If the mouse-over action turns you off, you can get rid of it with a simple user script.

As Google Operating System points out, you can also disable the effect by turning off Javascript, but that will ruin the rest of your net-surfing experience. Hit the link for full details of the script and how to enable it in different browsers.

Disable Google Fade-In [ via Google Operating System


    But do people still use the mail Google home page? I would do maybe 40 searches a day at least, but they're all through the default Firefox homepage or the search bar in Firefox.

      I would die without that amazing search bar in Firefox...


    You guys kill me! A SCRIPT to stop something which does NOTHING! It doesn't even get in the way, just gives you what you already have!

    Can't say it's an issue anyway as like Daniel I have to make a special effort to get to that Google homepage - especially so, being a long time Googlebar lover.

    Thank you for this script. I use the Google homepage news, video, image and gmail links daily. I thought the new "improvement" was, at best, stupid and annoying.

    I'm quite happy with the old and unimproved. . .

    This fade in is really annoying. On my Netbook with mobile internet it is also slowing and I dont know if its loaded until moving cursor (sometimes its not loaded and nothing fades in).
    After using as my startpage for as long as it existed I have now blank instead and will not install scripts or other nonsens. Will not use google again until there is a page without fadein.

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