Stop Furniture Sliding With Balloons

UsedBalloonsBed constantly sliding all over the wooden floor? You can easily keep it in place using a few balloons.

Picture by xerones

Lifehacker reader Jess writes in with this neat idea:

My friend recently moved into an apartment which has polished wooden floor boards throughout (including his bedroom). The biggest annoyance he's had so far is having his bed slip and slide all over the floor every time he goes near it. The fix: Grab a cheap pack of rubber or latex balloons, snip the top ring off, and slip it over the wheel. Stops the wheels from rolling, the rubber/latex provides grip on the floorboards, and if you add a second balloon, it will stop those annoying scratches/dents that always come about from furniture on this type of floor.

Sounds handy, especially if there's not a hardware store nearby to buy proper furniture caps — the odds of a supermarket selling party goods being closer are a lot higher. Thanks Jess!


    "Thanks Jess!"

    No worries, Angus :)

    who has a bed with wheels on it?

      lots of people stick with the wheeled mattress base.

    And if colored balloons are not your thing (or are too hard to slide over the end) you can find lightly-colored latex devices at the pharmacy. Just tell the pharmacist that you're having problems with the couch sliding around and you've heard that condoms can help.

    Something tells me it wasn't just getting near it that was causing it to move... *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

    Er, have you seen what rubber turns into after two or three weeks of UV light and atmospheric exposure? Gummy goo, that will stick and stain anything it contacts. If anyone tries this, better make it a temporary fix only. Especially on a pressure point like a furniture leg or caster.

    The same thing happened when I used the anti-slip mats for rugs -- it left a sticky residue on my wood floors.

    Maybe silcone sheets would be a better solution. (If it was widely available.)

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