Some Handy Last-Minute New Year Tips

As you get ready to head out for New Year festivities, here's a handful of useful tips from the archives:

Picture by linh_rom

  • Book in some free SMS messages to make sure everyone gets your good wishes.
  • Learn how to take better pictures of fireworks.
  • Stock up on bacon and bread to avoid a hangover.
  • Finally, an out-and-out plug for the weekend: Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman will be on Today on Channel Nine this Saturday (February January 2) at around 0715, talking about the 4 Airlines project.
  • Whatever you do, have a great and safe celebration. Go 2010!


    Has January been cancelled for 2010? I thought that this Saturday would be January 2nd and not February 2nd...

    Looking forward to reading your articles again next year.

    Thanks for the tips Angus! It's been a great year...keep up the good work man. is awesome!

    By the way you said you're on Today on Feb 2nd...I'm assuming you mean Jan :)


    *This* Saturday February 2? Hope you mean January 2..will be watching..

    Or do you mean Tuesday, February 2?

    It should be January 2 not February 2.

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