Session Manager Manages Multi-Tab Setups In Google Chrome

Sure, you can use Google Chrome's new tab page to quickly launch your favourite sites, but launching all your needed tabs at once, with a single click, is really darned helpful. The Session Manager extension makes it so.

Session Manager is one of the Chrome extensions that doesn't need an options dialog — it simply does what it does, and does it quickly. When you've got a group of tabs open worth re-opening in the future, hit the box-type icon, give it a name like "Work Tabs", and hit Save. Hit the button again to fire up those tabs, or rename or remove other saved sessions from the dialog.

That's all it does — and it's not quite as sophisticated as add-ons like SessionSaver for Firefox, but that's a nice feature that Chrome definitely benefits from. Session Manager is a free download, requires a Dev version of Chrome for Windows or the Linux beta (for now). For more Chrome-empowering extensions, check out our 18 picks from the extensions gallery.

Session Manager [Google Chrome Extensions via Demo Girl]


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