Schedule Free New Year Text Messages

Schedule Free New Year Text Messages

Sending text messages on New Year’s Eve is always a pain: the networks are often congested, and using a touch screen or predictive text is difficult when you’ve imbibed a few. A free service from Samsung lets you schedule five messages to send automatically as 2010 rolls in.

Register your mobile number on the site (which Samsung is using to promote its B3310 phone) and you can store five numbers (and associated messages) for automatic sending at the stroke of midnight. Of course, that means a loss of spontaneity, but it’s a neat way to ensure you send those obligatory messages to the relatives.

The service is phone and carrier-independent, and you can edit your five messages up until 11pm on December 31. One limitation: the service is based on Eastern Standard Time, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to tweak it, which puts it out of contention for Queensland, SA, NT and WA partygoers.

Samsung New Year’s Eve Text


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