Save Yourself The Reach By Installing A Socket In Your Desk

Save Yourself The Reach By Installing A Socket In Your Desk

If you’re an occasionally travelling laptop user, you know it’s annoying to plug your system in and back out, before and after every trip. Blogger Pat Hartl solved this annoying issue by installing a wall socket right in his desk.

Update: In Australia, you must have a licence, by law, to undertake any electrical wiring work. Thanks Jon!

The project isn’t very expensive or difficult, but it does involve cutting into the desk’s surface. Make sure that a) you know what you’re doing and b) you’re fully OK with defiling your workspace (albeit with good reason). All you’ll need from the hardware store is a standard wall socket and faceplate. You can even do what Pat did and add a switch too, for especially hard to turn on devices. Hit the link for more pictures and details on Pat’s DIY project.

Reducing Cable Clutter [Pat Hartl]


    • I use to have trhee adapter for my laptop too, I had made friends with tech support (always a good thing to do) and they gave me the spares from dead machines all worked without spending any money. Have changed jobs since and had to restart with new laptop and securing extra power adapters. But it beats trying to get into power board hidden behind desks especially if you spent all the time making them all neat and ready for posting on LH.

  • Or just buy a four-socket power board and screw it down somewhere inconspicuous on the desk.

    This gives the added convenience of using phone chargers and other temporary electrical devices without crawling under your desk to plug them in.

    Illegal shmillegal, who hasn’t added a few power or telephone sockets themselves?

  • I was under the impression that you needed a licensed electrician only for permanently mounted installations (e.g. in/on the walls). This is effectively just turning your desk into the socket end of an extension cord, and in no way touches your house’s electrical plant.

  • I’ve a 6 plug board screwed on the back of my desk and a 4 plug board screwed on the front. Then again I have a desktop setup on that desk and, as for the laptop, like the others mentioned above, I just leave the transformer and cable plugged into the wall and cable tied to the leg of the other desk, and one in it’s bag for travel.

    It just doesn’t make any sense at all fitting a permanent socket into the desk; crazy.

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