Rescue Carpet From A Permanent Stain With Shaving Cream

Few things are as unnerving as a big stain on your pristine carpeting. If someone accidentally drops a meatball on your carpet at your next party, don't panic. Grab a can of shaving cream and clean up the mess.

Photo by williac.

Lifestyle web site Thrifty Fun says one of the best ways to get pet accidents and other unfortunate stains out of carpet is with a liberal dousing of plain white shaving cream. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, blot with a damp towel, and the stain should disappear.

The site cautions that coloured, menthol, or gel-based shaving cream may discolor carpeting so stick with the plain white variety. To be doubly safe, it's a good idea to spot-test any carpet treatment before you use it. As someone with multiple kids and pets, this trick has saved the day several times — though I'll spare you the details on what exactly it helped me clean up.

What are your tried and true methods for getting stains out of carpeting? Share them in the comments.

Shaving Cream for Emergency Carpet Cleaning


    I always find that Natural based (eg: Orange) cleaners work better than their chemical filled counterparts. As long as you follow the instructions carefully.

      Oranges come with instructions?
      Must be on the inside of the peel.

    I'm proud of this. A few years back my son tipped out an entire jar of red nail polish on his bedroom floor (a light beige carpet). It lay there for 3 months, drying, when i decided to have a go at it. I took out a scrubbing brush, some paper towels and WD40. Spray, Scrub, blot. After 15 mins the stain was gone, invisible.

    I have been celebrated by all the local housewives/househusbands as a genius. Give it a try.

    P.S. Don't use nail polish remover as the acetate can burn the carpet. Use water displacement 40.

    I cut my foot on some glass and bled profusely over some white carpet. I dumped a pile of talcum powder on it and vacuumed it all up - not a trace of blood remained.

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