Repurpose Old Furniture With LEGO

If the idea of stripping and repainting an old table or bench bores you to tears, dress up the eyesore and entertain your inner child at the same time by covering over the entire surface with LEGO.

Take a cue from a Scandinavian design team who covered an entire kitchen island from IKEA in 20,000 LEGO bricks. It took a week — and, no doubt, a lot of patience — but the results are trippy and so very cool.

Schlepping to the store to clean the shelves of every last box of LEGO would be an expensive undertaking but if you scour local garage sales and discount shops, you can probably find bags of them on the cheap. Then all you need is some strong glue and an old table, chair or other piece of hardwood furniture that needs some TLC.

If furniture remodelling is too much of a hassle, then try a smaller project, like this hanging LEGO recharger to hold all your gadgets. What else can you dream up to put unused LEGO to good use (besides using it for mini-landmines to shred bare feet in the dark of night)? Brainstorm in the comments.

Lego Kitchen[via The Cool Hunter]


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