Put Pizza On A Paper Towel For A Slightly Less Guilty Pig-Out

PizzaOilWant to feel a bit less guilty when you hoe into a slice of pizza this Friday night? Place it on a piece of paper towel for a minute or two and soak up the excess oil before you eat it.

Picture by [email protected]

This technique is particularly effective with the greasy-crusted pan pizza beloved of the major chains — with a home-made pizza with a crisper crust, you might not notice the impact. And while the strategy isn't going to make pizza the healthiest meal option, getting rid of the excess fat certainly can't hurt, especially at this time of year.


    And as a bonus, after you're done, look at the paper towel to turn you off pizza for life!

    For the sort of pizza pictures, with lots of meat and cheese on top, it also helps to pat down the top of the pizza with a paper towel.

    And afterwards, you can eat the paper towel.

    On a similar note, if you microwave leftovers do not heat it up with a piece of paper towel underneath, as the pizza will be tainted with the taste of said papertowel.

    and for a fun experiment showing the power of renewable fuels: Set that paper towel on fire and watch as it burns for 10 minutes.

    Alternatively just eat the paper as well.. the grease will help it slide down and you'll have increased the fibre content of your meal!

    If you're getting that pedantic with your fast food then it's probably time to put in the effort and eat healthily.

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