Project Cleanup: Can I Have A New Floor Please?

In the month since Project Cleanup started, I've made a fair bit of progress on reorganising my life. Sadly, the progress on actually getting the flooring replaced has been a lot slower.

As regular readers will recall, the floor was the main victim of my house getting flooded, and I've been living in a place with a cork-style underlay as essentially the only thing between me and the cold, hard ground. There have been three quotes for how much it will cost to reinstall the wooden floating floor, but still no word from the insurance company on when anything might happen. I haven't been in hyper-nag mode on that issue, but figure that will have to happen after the inevitable end-of-year break.

In the meantime, I have managed now to box up everything that was in the house and on shelves into labelled storage boxes, which I can shift to the garage until the flooring and painting gets done. That's a satisfying stage to be at, but somewhat short of where I'd hoped to be at year's end. As well, I'm disappointed I haven't got to the more technologically sexy stuff like starting to transfer all my VHS tapes and working out how many cables I can ditch. 2010 should bring a lot more in that regard. At least I found all the spare gift tags and wrapping, so Christmas is good to go.


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