Pictures And Specs Of The First Official Boxee Box

You've seen what Boxee's beta media centre software will look like. Now you can peek at pictures and specifications for D-Link's official Boxee Box, a small computer with HDMI outputs made specifically to run the open-source media centre.

It comes with two USB ports, optical and composite audio ports, an SD card slot, and a somewhat weird, post-modern form that makes it appear to have been wedged into your entertainment centre. It's expected to be using Nvidia's ION graphics chips for 1080p-capable playback, and Gizmodo hears it could be priced at around $US200 when released in the second quarter of 2010.

D-Link via Gizmodo


    This sounds like it could be the dream gadget of all time!
    Someone has built the hardware suitable to run Open Source software!

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