Outlook Hotmail Connector 14 Beta Plays Nice With Office 2010

If you're testing out Office 2010 and still use a Windows Live/Hotmail account, then the release of a new version of Microsoft's Hotmail Connector is potentially welcome news.

The in-beta version 14 of the software (which has regained the allegedly dead Hotmail brand — so much for Windows Live!) works in Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. It adds better junk mail filtering and a more integrated approach than earlier releases. While I suspect not too many Lifehacker readers are actively using either Hotmail or Windows Live, it's a useful option if you are.

Announcing the Outlook Hotmail Connector Beta [Microsoft Outlook Team Blog]


    Why bother with the connector when you can set up pop3 instead? The pop3 has worked fine for me thus far.

    Incoming mail server is pop3.live.com port 995 (also use SSL encryption)
    outgoing is smtp.live.com port 25 (set outgoing encryption to Auto)

    the ports and encryption options are under More Settings... under the Advanced Tab. Also in the more settings dialog under outgoing server tab set it to use same settings as incoming server.

    user name is your live/hotmail address

    Better than their buggy addon lol and I know I didn't explain it well, just google it if it's not easy to follow.

    > which has regained the allegedly dead Hotmail brand — so much for Windows Live!

    The Hotmail brand was only in danger in 2006, but to avoid confusion between Windows Live Mail (online) and Windows Live Mail (the desktop app), it was decided to name it Windows Live Hotmail. Which it has been since early 2007.

    What is the issue here? Outlook 2010 syncs out of the box with Hotmail, or at least it did with me.
    Just gave it rudimentary info (account and password) and voila.
    Let's not make life harder than it is.

    This has been a big issue for me as i have windows 7, office 2010 and still use Hotmail
    I installed the Hotmail connector which initially worked fine, but have had both live mail and the connector fail on me!

    The issue is with the connector, it either will allow you to view the incoming Hotmail but won't allow you to send out or just won't connect at all despite reinstalling numerous times.

    In regards to the pop3, I’ll give it a go it all else fails but normally wouldn’t use it as I’m using a server which uses either remote connector or the Hotmail connector, might be worth mentioning I use the connector in conjunction with other email accounts … might be what is making the difference

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