Optus Will Convert Voicemails To Text For $6.99 A Month

Optus Will Convert Voicemails To Text For $6.99 A Month

The good news? Optus is offering a voicemail-to-text conversion service. The bad news? It’ll cost you $6.99 a month.

Admittedly that’s cheaper than buying an iPhone, though in that case you’d need to sign up with Vodafone to get visual voicemail instead and hope it doesn’t suffer any more glitches. The text messages don’t come out of any existing allocation, which is some compensation I suppose — though if someone babbles on for too long, the transcription gets truncated.

Optus is letting customers trial the Voice to Text service for 14 days. Would you pay that much to read rather than listen to your voicemail? Type your response in the comments.



  • I’m still waiting for the promise I got with my first iPhone through Optus for visual voicemail! Frankly the whole cost model Optus employs where even tethering is at an additional charge is appalling. This would be tolerated in the US and Europe, but in Australia we are a captive audience to high prices and below-average service.

  • I’ve been getting this for a while now and the idea of dialing in to retrieve a message via voicemail is completely anathema to me.

    It really is that good.

    Interacting with a computer/voicemailbox on the phone makes you feel like a drone, and should be limited to times when it cant be avoided (calling the bank etc)

  • I used the Telstra service, voice-to-text. It was pretty good. Often I couldn’t be sure if it was a voicemail or an SMS, as the translation was that good.

    Cant remember the pricing though.

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