Online Trading Meets Social Networking In Macquarie Edge

When it comes to money, most people turn to family and friends (or Lifehacker) for advice. The folks at Macquarie have recognised this and have included a social networking aspect—hello Twitterati!—to its new online trading platform, Macquarie Edge.

Macquarie Edge integrates a suite of tools and functions in one convenient location, such as news and insights, company profiles and financials, and market research to help you make informed investment decisions. But the real stand-out feature in this one-stop online trading solution, is the community functionality—unique to Macquarie Edge, and a first in Australia. By engaging with a group of trusted contacts, users have the opportunity to discuss their investment decisions and socialise with family and friends. With Macquarie Edge you can chat about your stocks as you watch them.

You can find all the details at Macquarie Edge.


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