NoDrives Manager Hides Your Hard Drives

Windows: Have a drive you'd like to keep hidden? No Drives Manager removes drives from the Windows Explorer.

NoDrives Manager lets you hide drivers from Windows Explorer. The drive is still accessible to Windows and you could access it from the run dialog or from the command line, but it won't appear to users on your machine.

While many people would discount an application like NoDrives Manager as a tool only suited for a lame attempt at hiding your porn stash, we saw one useful function immediately. If you have a multi-card reader installed on your PC for reading flash memory, Windows will, depending on the hardware, assign a drive to every slot — one for the SD card reader, one for the Compact Flash reader, and so on. NoDrives Manager can help you declutter the view in Explorer so that only the drives you really use are available. It would also be handy for hiding a drive that doesn't need to be accessed or tinkered with by casual users like a secondary drive in your desktop that you use for data backup.

Have a handy tool for tinkering in Windows? Let's hear about it in the comments. NoDrives Manager is freeware, Windows only.

NoDrives Manager [via MakeUseOf]


    But does it just mark the drive as hidden? Because on Windows 7 it hides empty card reader slots automatically. But unfortunately if you have show hidden files and folders on the drives still appear.

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