Nerrot Is The Simplest, Least Spammy Torrent Site You'll Ever Use

If you're a BitTorrent lover but aren't too keen on all the pop-ups, racy ads and clutter that's everywhere on most torrent sites, new BitTorrent site Nerrot is the cleanest, most bare-bones torrent site we've ever seen.

Just head to the homepage (this is also the only page on the site), type in the most accurate search you can come up with, and submit your search. Nerrot searches for the closest match with the highest ratio of seeders/the healthiest swarm, then automatically downloads what it determines to be the best torrent file for your search.

Nerrot is refreshing in its simplicity, but the fact remains that for a lot of torrents, it's still going to be worth your time to read through comments and check different versions yourself before downloading. For those times you don't really care, Nerrot is like the Google "I'm feeling lucky" search of BitTorrent sites.

Nerrot [via TorrentFreak]


    Adblock plus for Firefox, much easier and no more stupid ads!

      The only problem with that line of thought is that the Internet is funded through advertising. If everybody stopped looking at the ads, there would be no Internet.

        Haha, you're funny.

        Not everything is funded solely by ads. Take (as talked about on lifehacker) for instance - it's a really high traffic/bandwidth site which simply uses user donations. Same goes for wikipedia.

        If you think the only way to monetize a website is through advertising, I'm not surprised you don't have your own online business yet.

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